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Description:   Secure, eXtremely fast, free and open source content management system with ability to use thousands of add-ons originally designed for PHP-Nuke.

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League Modules for PHP-Nuke A multisport league module for PHP-Nuke including baseball,football, soccer, hockey and you can add your own... Featuresinclude auto updating standings, player stat tracking, andschedules.

PANDA - Polish Nuke Distribution PANDA - Polish Nuke Distribution for all who doesn't speak english quite well... PANDA is to make install and administration of PHPNuke very easy in polish language, containing all in polish language.

PHP-Nuke Evolution Franais PHP-Nuke Evolution is an entirely free CMS under licence GPL, it makes it possible to carry out a site to measure in a few moments

PHP-Nuke Fusion Module Fusion is an advanced security system for PHP-Nuke. Fusion is a more user friendly extremely advanced security system with features like no other.Including FTP Security, Complete Logging, IP Protection, Secure GET & POST, Block any kind of SQL injection.

PHP-Nuke Web Portal System PHP-Nuke is a simple, yet fully featured Content Management System to enable webmasters to quickly deploy a dynamic websites with minimal hassle.

United Content Management System UCMS makes it possible for a website content management team to quickly set up a website, allocate tasks and manage content while spending the minimum time on learning the software. Developed to address shortcomings in available CMS.

ASP Nuke CMS ASP Nuke is an web server software application for running a community-based web site based on PHP Nuke and Slashdot. It utilizes the Active Server Pages scripting language on the Windows platform running Internet Information Server 5.

Xanthia Theme Engine for Nuke-like CMS Xanthia is a completely Modular theme engine for Nuke-like CMS such as PostNuke. It is not dependent on hacking PostNuke core files.

phpBB to phpBB php-nuke module scripts The next project covers the necessary scripts to make an import from the phpBB 2.0 full version or independet version into phpBB as phpnuke-module.

sPaiZ-Nuke - New Way of CMS sPaiz-Nuke by Sensey - a new-and-easy 2 use multilanguage Content Management System (CMS). In beginning based on PHP-Nuke, it quickly became smart engine 4 many sites on the Net. Smaller in size, because now you can use only modules YOU really need... :)

UNIFEX A collection of tools for use with ircII. The main design goals arecorrectness, compactness and functionality within the constraints of theircII scripting language.

UNIX/IPC Shared Map The command-line utility implementing a key-value map, which is shared between UNIX processes. The utility provides synchronized access to the shared data via command-line interface including basic key-based operations, bulk load and sorted output.

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